OC Realty Team

We go the extra mile and ensure your real estate experience is smooth, stress-free, and backed by our expert knowledge.

Our Vision

OC Realty has a long, well-established reputation in the real estate business. Partner this with our positive and creative energy and this builds strong relationships which lead to better solutions for our clients.

Not only that, we feel it is not enough to just have successful Real Estate transactions, we feel everyone should enjoy the experience. Our team is put together making sure that everyone involved has a positive attitude and looks to enjoy every moment.

Our experienced team will work hard on your behalf and will always engage your Real Estate transactions in a professional and efficient manner and maximize your profit (income) potential. We always protect our clients and provide them with a compassionate and positive environment.

Why OC Realty?

  • Our Own Cross Platform Mobile App

  • International Exposure For Your Property

  • We Are a HUD Approved and Seasoned Broker

  • Extensive Real Estate Investment Experience

  • We Show You How To Invest Using Your IRA/401k

  • We Are Using The Latest Cutting Edge Tech

  • Our Happy Helpful Team Creating Positive Energy

  • Stress Free and Seamless Transactions

Learn about Cindi's Journey

Cindi and Tim

Learn more about Cindi and the Team by reading the following story that was published in the August edition of Main Street Focus. The official monthly magazine of Fort Pierce published by Main Street Fort Pierce.

"Cindi O’Connell comes from generations of successful contractors, builders and real estate professionals. Cindi's great, great grandfather, William DaCamara was President of the Palm Beach Mercantile Company “The Big Store” which he built from his hardware store on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach in the early 1900’s. Her great grandfather William Harley DaCamara, Jr. operated DaCamara Chase Construction Company in the mid 1920’s. Her grandfather William DaCamara III owned a cement block company, Maule Industries. He was also a Broker for Bonnell Realty, purchasing Bonnell in 1968.

A John Carroll alumni, Cindi began her real estate career 25 years ago as a rental property manager in Austin, Texas. In 2003, she met her husband Tim while vacationing in Connecticut. They moved back to Cindi’s hometown of Fort Pierce where they continued their careers in real estate. In June 2010, Cindi and Tim left their existing firms to start their own, OC Realty. This was the beginning of an exciting, new venture until soon after, in the same month, Cindi received life-changing news.... she had breast cancer.

Faced with this diagnosis, Cindi’s concerns went beyond the possibility of death. “I was underinsured and my fear, other than dying, was leaving my family with a huge financial burden. I was introduced to “Friends In Pink”. They helped manage the stress of it all.” says Cindi. Local doctors, Dr. Singh, Dr. Yekes-Roden, and Dr. Ramesh Kumar were there to help Cindi. “This exceptional team of doctors helped me put things into perspective in order to get through it all”, says Cindi.

Cindi has been cancer free since October 2010. As a breast cancer survivor, Cindi emerged from her experience with a higher consciousness and is awakened with a closer connection to life. She will soon be launching her very own non-profit called S.O.A.R., Strength. Opportunity, Action, and Respect, that will lend support to people in need. “I have been given so many second chances that it was time for me to do the same for others. We all need to love and help one another”, says Cindi.

Cindi’s positive and creative energy has helped build strong relationships with her clients. Cindi's husband, Tim O'Connell, is the Agent/Project Manager. Tim is also a former U.S. Marine and currently serves on the City of Ft. Pierce Planning Board. We’re using the latest Technology, Project Management, and Marketing tools to maximize our clients’ profits and help our Agents manage their daily responsibilities so they can focus on their clients and new opportunities. OC’s Internet Marketing Team, specializes in reaching buyers on an International level. “Our motto is 'Don’t Just Hire a Realtor, Partner with a Cutting Edge Team.’“

OC Realty is located in Historic Edgartown at 420 N 2nd Street Fort Pierce, Florida in the “Little Blue Bungalow” which is also the company’s iconic symbol for its logo and branding. Connect with Cindi and the Team by calling 772-924-2911 or check out their all-new website at OCRealtyTeam.com where you can search properties, download the OC property search App, and learn about selling and investing. OC Realty is a full-service, non-traditional Real Estate firm; they focus on sharing great energy and always challenging the paradigm to create opportunities. See for yourself and follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/OCRealtyTeam or your preferred social network."

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