• Invest With Confidence
    Our Brokerage was founded on successful Investing. Our team is ready to show you how. What kind of Investor are you?

    Property Investment Buyer
    Since we sell at such low prices and send email alerts to our Investor database, our properties can sell in just a few days. We provide investors, contractors, landlords, and owner occupants with good, solid properties at wholesale prices.

    We remove greed from the equation by selling for less and our buyers come away with a healthy profit. Our goal is to sell quickly and make our money on volume. This allows enough money on the table for the buyer to “fix and flip if they desire.”

    Private Money Lender
    Want to invest without all the risk? You saw that right. Anytime you can invest and eliminate the risk, well, that's just plain awesome. All of our deals include your name on the deed so you own the investment until it is sold, making this a Secured Investment.