Invest With Confidence
Our Brokerage was founded on successful Investing. Our team is ready to show you how. What kind of Investor are you?

Property Investment Buyer
Since we sell at such low prices and send email alerts to our Investor database, our properties can sell in just a few days. We provide investors, contractors, landlords, and owner occupants with good, solid properties at wholesale prices.

We remove greed from the equation by selling for less and our buyers come away with a healthy profit. Our goal is to sell quickly and make our money on volume. This allows enough money on the table for the buyer to “fix and flip if they desire.”

  • Fix and Flips
  • Buy and Holds
  • Wholesale Deals
  • Full-service Property Management
  • Cash Buyers

Private Money Lender
Want to invest without all the risk? You saw that right. Anytime you can invest and eliminate the risk, well, that’s just plain awesome. All of our deals include your name on the deed so you own the investment until it is sold, making this a Secured Investment.

Private Money Lenders

Our Team shows you how you can significantly increase the value of any investment capital you or your IRA has in a CD, money market, mutual funds, commodities, the stock market, or any other investment area. Create wealth with passive income secured by real estate.

The program is very simple. We buy properties at deeply discounted prices and if necessary perform a rehab for a fraction of what most think it will cost. We give you a good, dependable, safe return on your money secured by real estate. You never write a check directly to us. All real estate closings are done by a licensed, proven, professional title company and your check will be made out to them for the gross amount of the loan.

Example of a Private Money Lender (PML) Transaction

  • OC Realty and the PML agree to a partnership
  • PML submits funds to title company
  • OC Realty researches, identifies a property, and submits contract
  • Title company processes file, insures clear title, and issues title insurance
  • Property closes and PML is added to deed
  • OC Realty outlines the project and rehabs the property
  • OC Realty stages home, creates marketing plan to list property
  • OC Realty  secures new buyer and deposit check is sent to title company
  • Upon closing, PML receives check from title company
  • PML can choose to reinvest short or long term

Use you IRA or 401k to make these loans. All you need is a “self direct” IRA:

Self Direct IRA

Invest In Real Estate With Your Self-Directed IRA

Talk about awesome! You can use your IRA or 401k to invest in Real Estate. All you need is a “self-directed” IRA. If yours is not already self-directed you can easily convert it to one. We have had several of our lenders take the money out of their company plans and shift it to their own self-directed IRA. Your IRA will then be secured by real estate.

No more watching the stock charts, calling your broker, or waiting for the next market crash. With stocks you’re betting on companies you know little about and following a market no one can control. You can do well one year and get wiped out the next. No more wondering every day whether you’re gaining or losing because your investment is at the mercy of ever-changing circumstances.

With mortgage loans your return is fixed and won’t change regardless of whether the market is up or down or sideways. Your loans are secured by real estate and aren’t going anywhere. Nothing gives you the safety, stability and high return you get from private lending.

Property Types That Can Be Held In Your Retirement Plan:

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Building Bonds
  • Commercial Property
  • Foreclosures
  • Improved and Unimproved Land
  • Limited Partnerships
  • REO properties
  • Single Family and Multi-Family Homes
  • Tax Lien Certificates
  • Trust Deeds
  • Mortgage Notes
  • And More!